Cultural Pavilions


002 Maritime Festival (2013) 101

Come to our Cultural Pavilions and travel the world right here in Richmond! Proud participants can share their heritage with visitors through different Cultural Exhibition activities. From an exhibition table in the heart of the Global Village, to the welcome Ceremony, traditional dances on the main stage, or simply wearing colourful national clothes during the festival, you will find a lively cultural experience! The cultural undertones of this event aims to celebrate the significant diversity found within the local community.

This year’s Cultural Pavilions will include displays and activities from Russia, Pakistan, Taiwan, and the BC Metis Federation. Also, be sure to check out the Africa Pavilion in the new Africa Zone!

You do not need to be a participant at the Festival to dress up – cultural exhibition can be for anyone and everyone!

Please note that all of our Cultural Pavilion spaces are currently full.


We are offering a limited number of quality sponsorship opportunities to companies who want to engage with culturally diverse demographic. Each opportunity will be unique and your brand will be a stand out.

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