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Comfort Adesuwa Ero

Raised in a Nigerian Benin chief’s household, Comfort has learned and told folktales and songs ever since she learned to talk. She studied languages and drama and became a high school principal at a time when it was very unpopular in Africa to send girls to school. She has a BA in French, post graduate diploma and a master’s degree in Education. Comfort is a certified teacher both in Nigeria and Canada.

She is an award – winning author of many novels, plays and stories in English and French. Among them are: La Fuite, Elusive Freedom and The Diary of an African Woman as well as children`s books, Kokodiko: the dance monster, The Lion, the Rat and the Rabbit. Bobo the Monkey and The Lioness Can Also Roar were shortlisted by The Children Writers Association of Canada and Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa respectively. Her most recent theatre productions include: The Dance of the Leopard and Izabobo! An African musical drama.

Based in Surrey BC, she has contributed immensely to oral storytelling of the Vancouver Society of storyteller`s various published projects and live performances. Presently, she leads Story-powering workshops for immigrant youths in Vancouver Lower Mainland schools and generally in communities across Canada.

Performing Schedule(1)

  • Africa Stage

    Saturday 12:30 PM - 12:55 PM


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