Chacal del Tamborazo Duo


Chacal del Tamborazo is an artistic name of César Abraham Chew Aguilera. He is an accomplished percussionist with more than 25 years playing and practicing. His favorite genres are jazz, free jazz and contemporary Music. Originally from Mexico City, he currently resides in Vancouver, Canada.

His current projects are:
Contemporary theater project Concrete and Metal directed by Angelo Moroni (Canada)
Music and dance project Voyage through the Underworld organized together with Angelo Moroni (Canada)
Cha’ak’ab Kanorhati with Anastasia Masloboeva (Russia)
Before the Robots with Michał Kiedrowski (Poland)
Chacal Ensamble and Kloszart Project.

Chacal del Tamborazo has shared scenarios with more than 200 musicians: Marco Eneidi (USA), Remi Álvarez (Mexico), Herbin Baptiste (France), Germain Bringas (Mexico), Blair Latham (New Zealand), John Gross (USA), Milo Tamez (Mexico), Paulina Owczarek (Poland), Misha Marks (New Zealand), Alfonso Muñoz Don Malfon (Spain), Itzam Cano (Mexico), Anastasia Masloboeva (Russia), Giorgio Magnanensi (Italy), Arturo Báez (Mexico), Rafał Mazur (Poland) , Jacob Wick (USA), Michał Dymny (Poland), Joshua Zubot (Canada) and Juan Castañón (Mexico) among others.

He also participated in several sound projects like Colectivo Ojo del Eco and Eco-Danza performed with saxophonist Blair Latham and dancer Lucero Trejo; Tambores Pintores, directed by Milo Tamez and 15 TAMBORES under the direction of Julio Estrada.

Between 2010 and 2017 he worked as a drummer and artistic director of Enanos Café Galería, which is considered one of the most important sites for creative music in State of Mexico.

In 2014 he started his own projects – Chacal Ensemble, Kloszart Project, Cha’ak’ab Kanorhati and Before the Robots.

Performing Schedule(1)

  • Vanprop
    Global Stage

    Saturday 8:15 PM - 8:40 PM


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