Dumpsta Dragons

Dumpsta Dragons is a very unique and dynamic Asian duet whose members have studied the music of India, Japan, Africa, and Australia. They perform on traditional ethnic instruments (sitar, Japanese flute, digeridoo, kalimba, Moroccan quercebab), as well as very unique invented instruments (Persian tennis racquet, Moroccan hockey stick, spoon bass), fabricated out of recycled household items. These are combined with modern elements such as beatboxing and digital looping, as well as some Australian aboriginal dance to make a truly one of a kind ensemble!

Alcvin Ramos: grew up in Japan, where as a child, fascinated by the music of samurai movies and Zen Buddhist monks, he decided to learn the Japanese shakuhachi flute. Through years of hard work and dedication, he studied with Japan’s foremost masters and is one of very few foreigners to become recognized as a dai sihan or grand master of shakuhachi.

Andrew Kim: was the recipient of the prestigious Shastri scholarship with which he studied classical sitar with a master in India. The hard work eventually paid off when he joined the very popular group Delhi 2 Dublin. As their sitar player, Andrew has toured the world, performing in China’s Forbidden City, the 2010 Olympics, and Canada Day on Parliament Hill (meeting the prime minister of Canada and the British royal couple). He has also appeared on an album by Raffi. In addition to Dumpsta Dragons, he has played hundreds of school shows with Delhi 2 Dublin, Dharmakasa, and various African bands.

Performing Schedule(1)

  • Minoru Stage

    Saturday 4:45 PM - 5:25 PM


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