Eire Born Irish Dance Co

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Powerful, uplifting, and delightful, the Eire Born Irish Dance Company is a professional performance troupe that caters to all audiences. From the lively lifts in soft shoe to the intricate rhythms in hard shoe, the choreographies showcase traditional Irish dancing with a modern twist. As established entertainers throughout the lower mainland, the Eire Born Irish Dance Co has experience performing for community events, weddings, concerts, private and corporate events, television commercials, and music videos.

Contact us at bookashow@eireborn.net about booking the Eire Born Irish Dance Co, or fill in the booking request below online at www.eireborn.net and we will work together to produce serious thunder and applause for your event.

Performing Schedule(1)

  • Coast Capital Savings
    pop UP zone

    Saturday 1:30 PM - 1:55 PM


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