Star Captains

Star Captains

Hailing from Vancouver, Star Captains have taken the country by storm with their infectious grooves and powerful live performances. Since the release of their first album, New Freedoms, in 2013, keyboardist Max Zipursky, vocalist NaRai, guitar/bassist Gavin Youngash and guitarist Jim Black have blended synth pop, r&b and indie influences to create their own distinct sound. Their sophomore album, Lightwork, finds the band experimenting with electronic soundscapes and digital effects from the comfort of The Space, their hand-built recording studio in East Vancouver. The result? The tight pocket of an old school soul band, with the layered production of contemporary dance music. Lightwork was produced by the band along with producer/drummer Dan Klenner, and mixed by Ben Kaplan at Fader Mountain Sound. Following main stage performances at the Vancouver Jazz Festival and the Surrey Fusion Fest, Star Captains will continue their Lightwork in 2019 with more festival dates, videos, and a healthy dose of love + light for all the beautiful people.

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Performing Schedule(1)

  • Lansdowne
    Global Stage

    8:15 PM - 8:40 PM