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Sudnya Mulye is the Founder and Artistic Director of Sudnya Dance Academy established since 1997. Sudnya offers dance lessons in Bharata Natyam and the culture of India with no limitations of background, age, levels, or abilities.

After being trained for a minimum of seven years the dancer reaches a level of sophistication and is ready for his/her Arangetram. This two hours of solo performance of Bharata Natyam the artist marks the completion of initial training. This is a beginning for the artist to acquire advanced repertoire, experience, knowledge, and train towards his/her artistic pursuits.

Sudnya is the first teacher in Canada under whose guidance a Down syndrome dancer has performed her Arangetram a solo performance in Bharata Natyam. Sudnya belives that Indian Classical dance has no restriction on learning abilities.

Her students take pride in mentioning that Bharata Natyam taught at Sudnya Dance Academy has given them the discipline, maturity, grace and foundation to become successful in their endeavors. Some of the accolades her students have achieved are like achieving Rhodes scholarship, Miss World Canada 2015 – Delegate, Winning in dance competitions and getting scholarships to enhance their knowledge in dance.

Sudnya Dance Academy has performed and performs at various community events, professional shows and fundraisers in the Greater Vancouver area. To name a few are Vancouver Celebrates Diwali, Kala Utsav, Asian Heritage month, The Link Community Dance series. Academy has produced and presented productions like “Soul of Dance”, “Buddham Saranam Gacchami” , “Ganesha Vandanam”.

Performing Schedule(1)

  • Bamboo Theatre

    Saturday 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM


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