Toque Flamenco

Toque Flamenco

Toque Flamenco is born early in 2014 when Mario Sota and Marilú (who are a couple) shared the vision of creating a truly unique Flamenco experience in order to promulgate the Flamenco
culture in Western Canada. Joined by Karito (dancer and Marilú’s sister), this project has ever since led to the perfect blending of each other’s talents, tons of inspiration, dedication and creativity, which altogether creates astounding shows every single time.

The band performs Flamenco with passion and rhythmic precision, creating festive and breathtaking Flamenco shows that include music and dance. Toque Flamenco performs pure/traditional Flamenco as well as accessible or unrestricted flamenco. They enjoy pushing boundaries and doing songs that are outside the normal Flamenco repertoire such as Rock, Argentinean Tangos and Latin. In a manner similar to Jazz, this band plays with improvisation and complex rhythmic patterns to create exciting and entertaining pieces that are distinctive every time.

They have performed in many of the main festivals in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland such as Vancouver World Music Festival, Richmond World Festival, Harrison Season of Performing Arts, Khatsalano, Surrey Fusion Festival, Carnaval del Sol, Vancouver International Flamenco Festival, Victoria Flamenco Festival, among others.

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Performing Schedule(1)

  • McElhanney
    Minoru Stage

    3:45 PM - 4:25 PM