Peace & Harmony by Farooq M. Rai

August 31 – September 4, 2018
Richmond Cultural Centre Upper Rotunda

Presented by Richmond Art Gallery and Richmond World Festival

Farooq Rai, Richmond-based Canadian of Pakistani origin artist considers the inspirational message of Allama Iqbal (poet and philosopher b. 1877) as a means to preserve a unique cultural identity and heritage within British Columbia. The exhibition presents a selection of Rai’s unique collage’s highlighting Arabic/Urdu calligraphy and a message of peace and harmony.

Rai was appointed as the first Assistant Deputy Minister, and Head of Ministry responsible for Multiculturalism and Immigration in 1994. Also a writer and advocate in the community, Rai’s passion and sincere commitment to raising awareness of the Pakistani/Islamic literary cultural heritage is core to this body of work.

Rai states, “I hope opportunities to extend message of goodwill with our fellow Canadians will lead to us feeling more positively connected to each other. We need to diffuse intolerance with a positive and informed response. One of the contributing factors for positive change is effective education and art also can play a role of facilitating in the process of sharing about ourselves. With better understanding and interaction we will overcome prejudices while striving for harmony and peace. We all are committed and actively involved in making our country ever stronger, safer and prosperous.”


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